Crystal Hinton

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor


My Upcoming Classes

Dig Deeper United States of America May 28 - 29, 2022 Learn More
You and the Creator United States of America Jun 3 - 4, 2022 Learn More
Soul Mate United States of America Jun 17 - 18, 2022 Learn More
Manifesting and Abundance United States of America Jul 8 - 9, 2022 Learn More

About Me

ThetaHealing helped me transform my lack and fear-based life into a world filled with love, acceptance, security, stability, and prosperity. I was able to heal myself from Lupus, an enlarged heart, fluid around my lungs, PTSD, abuse, and depression. Now, I’m excited to wake up everyday and my life is overflowing with joy. You can have everything you want and more. I'm living proof. 
Schedule your free ThetaHealing discovery call to learn more about ThetaHealing and see if it's right for you, please visit --> 
Private sessions and seminars are online via Zoom. 
I will happily schedule a class or series of classes for you, just email me directly at to set up the dates.
I can't wait to assist you in creating a life you love and are excited about every day!

Extra Credentials

Liscensed Registered Nurse
Reiki Master
Gong Master


"Like so many of my interactions with Crystal, the Theta Healing seminar came in divine time. For me that was right before my state was given “shelter in place” orders for Covid-19. Being able to practice Theta Healing has been a life saver for me (possibly literally). It’s at least helping with some of the heavy aspects of this time, and I’m so grateful. There’s a lot of information and opportunity to practice in the seminar, and Crystal makes it fun and engaging. She is a clear channel. I often think she must have read my mind when she talks or emails! She’s also incredibly responsive and goes above and beyond with checking in and being available for support even outside of the training. This is a powerful healing technique that is so needed right now."


"I’m a massage therapist and a Reiki Master, and ThetaHealing went beyond my expectations in energy healing. It resonates so well with me and it’s easy. I highly recommend Crystal. She is highly gifted and learning from her was so much fun! Being around her and surrounded by like-minded individuals felt like home, it was amazing! I now incorporate ThetaHealing into EVERYTHING I do in my healing practice. "


"I loved the Basic DNA Theta Healing course! Crystal is a wonderful instructor and made the 3 days go by so quickly. She was very hands on and invested in each of her students. She was gracious about answering all our questions and adjusting to all the different personalities and perspectives to help us to understand the subject matter clearly. The course was hands on when needed with many opportunities to practice in small groups which allowed us to connect with all the others in the class.  Crystal makes the class fun and therefore not intimidating. She is quite an inspiring theta healer!"


"Crystal has been a great facilitator and healer in my life holding space for deep transformations with ThetaHealing. When you work with Crystal she will not leave any area unturned that needs introspection and an open heart to start moving energy to release those deep-seated belief systems. The compassion and pure joy Crystal radiates while going into multiple dimensions of clearing out past, present, and future is an experience only you will know to be your truth and freedom. I have recommended all my dear friends and family to Crystal, who have all experience a great deep profound change in very accelerated times where we need to step up and move towards love and light. Crystal is a beacon of light and holds this space with the most integrity and love."


"So much love and gratitude for the beautiful Crystal and the work she does. Truly an inspiring soul indeed. I've worked with Crystal a few times, starting when I hit brick walls doing my own personal development. She has helped me clear and heal so much from this life, past life and ancestral lineage. The shifts I experienced after our sessions were incredible and on a soul level ... DEEP. She has such a beautiful, light and angelic type of energy that makes her easy to work with and open up to. I've learnt so much from our sessions and soul transformations are much easier now. I look at things as opportunities and not challenges (thank you Crystal!). I highly recommend Crystal to anyone who's soul is awakening and in need of help breaking through old beliefs and energies. Deepest love and gratitude to you Crystal."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Crystal as both her client and her student. As a client, I appreciate how clam and grounded she is. When I get caught up it the drama of my past, she compassionately nudges me back to the present so that I can move through whatever is blocking me. I found so much benefit in working with her using ThetaHealing, that I decided to become her student and learn how to do this myself. The shift has been amazing! My ability to be my own healer has increased 100-fold! I am so grateful that Creator put her in my life. "


Hold a seminar in your area

I am ecstatic about traveling and teaching! If you would like to host a seminar in your area, please feel free to contact me at Mahalo!

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