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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science



My Upcoming Classes

You and the Creator HAWI, HI  United States of America Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2022 Learn More
You and Your Inner Circle HAWI, HI  United States of America Oct 2 - 3, 2022 Learn More
You and Your Inner Circle HAWI, HI  United States of America Oct 4 - 5, 2022 Learn More
Basic DNA HAWI, HI  United States of America Oct 14 - 16, 2022 Learn More
Advanced DNA HAWI, HI  United States of America Oct 21 - 23, 2022 Learn More
Dig Deeper HAWI, HI  United States of America Oct 26 - 27, 2022 Learn More

About Me

A teacher for over 20 years, using the ThetaHealing technique, Amy J empowers you in your ability to remember yourself, learn, and lead others to change the planet. 
Amy J. offers ThetaHealing practitioner classes both privately in a one-on-one tutorial setting, customized to your specific healing and learning styles as well as in group settings. 
She will happily arrange a class or series of classes for you or a group. To learn more, contact her directly at:

Extra Credentials

Amazon two time #1 Bestselling Co-author: "Heal Thy Self: Tapping Your Innate Wisdom to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit" and "Empowering Your Self"
Somatic Embodiment Coach
200 hr RYT Sivananda Yoga Teacher
200 hr RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
100 hr RYT Embodyoga Teacher
Essentiel Certification: Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Bodywork 
CTESOL certified
Master Reiki Teacher and Practitioner
Light Realignment practitioner
All Love Healing practitioner
Positive Thinking & Meditation instructor
M.St. from The University of Oxford
BA Johns Hopkins University
Professional Chef, Artist and writer, 20 years of teaching experience to students of all ages; over 15 years performance training, directing and performing world-wide


"Amy's Class helped me uncover certain aspects of myself that I never knew. Her unique style of teaching, knowledge and profound enthusiasm made the day a pleasant experience. Theta Healing helped my spiritual growth and formed a new platform of self discovery. I recommend Amy and ThetaHealing to everyone who is looking to make changes in their lives. "

John Picard
Branford, CT

"Amy is truely gifted as a Thetahealer and Instructor. So blessed to be connected to her. Namaste"


"Absolutely amazing and gifted healer!!! Amy is full of clarity, love, abundant light, and an open and intuitive heart!"

Melissa L.
Portland, ME

"Amy is a gem! Her listening skills are keen, in terms of belief work. Her approach makes one feel comfortable immediately and her technique is deep and thorough, which is important in a Healer! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I give Amy two thumbs up, at least!!"

Ny, NY

"Amazing classes with an amazing teacher! Thank you! "


"Thetahealing® enabled me to to find a way to calm down, rest, and take a moment to do something beneficial for myself. My first session was about a lump in my breast that I was worried about, and after the session, I wasn’t worried about it. I still thought about the lump, but I stopped worrying about it, giving it the time and the negative energy. My belief was now, “I am okay, and if it continues to be a lump it is still okay.” My core was changed by that new belief. I went to see a medical doctor for an exam a few days later, and it was confirmed that the lump in my breast was not a threat or potential threat. They could not find anything to measure. I am happy and honored to have this work be done. No matter your motivation for coming to it, it will benefit you."

Sarah Nguyen

"I remember when I turned to you when my husband was diagnosed with very advanced cancer. You... ask[ed] creator to turn our home into a portal for all those who are sick to get well. My husband is 99 percent well now!"


"I LOVED the Theta Healing Workshop taught by Amy J. She is a terrific teacher, presenting the material and experiences in a very balanced way—focused on both her students and the course work, assisting, reassuring, and adding levity by her examples. She is very professional in a relaxed way, attuned, and hospitable. We all felt pampered. It is a joy to be in the presence of and learn from a master teacher/facilitator. Her classroom space is so beautiful and peaceful.The timing of the workshop was especially auspicious for me, taking place a few days before my marriage. All the increased awareness, heightened and balanced senses, and the deep healings have made my life lighter/happier and certainly more pleasant/easier for those around me."

Waimea, Hawai'i

"I loved learning ThetaHealing with Amy J! She is an incredible woman, healer and intuitive. In her classes I always felt so welcome and taken care of. I have benefited deeply from her clarity of instruction, and precise intuitive guidance with the exercises. Overall I gained confidence in my ability to give a reading, and in witnessing a healing as Amy always made learning the ThetaHealing technique feel fun and effortless! I have taken away the message, that the best teacher is the one that is attuned to her students, has an open nurturing heart and offers clarity of speech. Amy represents this to her core and I highly, highly recommend taking any of the ThetaHealing courses with her. Especially now that she’s in Hawaii ! Thank You Amy J !"


"Amy changed my life. Choice after choice brought me to a place from which I had no idea how I arrived nor how I would find my way out. Using her Theta Healing skills, Amy dug down into the beliefs I had that were not serving me and allowed me to discover new perspectives on life from which I was able to find my way. During that turbulent time I was also discovering intuitive abilities which Amy nurtured and developed through the Theta Healing classes I took with her. I continue to develop those abilities with her by attending the Theta Healing classes she offers. Amy is a miracle worker."


"I took RHYTHM and Dig Deeper with Amy, and I’m so glad I did! Even before signing up, she helped guide me through some blocks I had to signing up in the first place. To experience that kind of support was invaluable. I knew I was supposed to take her classes, so I broke through them and signed up! The classes were so supportive, and Amy had so much information to share that I hadn’t received in Basic or Advanced. I felt way more confident coming out of her classes than when I came in, and that is what I wanted! I feel much more comfortable doing digging work. And because I took those classes, I manifested a new apartment and an opportunity to work as a Theta Healer at a healing center! Definitely sign up for her classes!"

Rhode Island

"Learning to harness my natural gifts with Amy J. was a life altering experience for me. I signed on just to take Basic ThetaHealing with Amy J. and was compelled, within the first hour of class, to take Advance Theta Healing. Her kind, intuitive, magical nature put me at ease, allowing me to connect to Creator, Myself and my Classmates with confidence and kindness. Her guidance was always warm and firm and her knowledge was free flowing and natural. I never wanted the courses to end! Her enthusiasm and encouragement is unmatched thus far. I am blessed (and spoiled!) to have taken my first courses of ThetaHealing with Amy J. I recommend her to anybody looking for a Master Teacher with a sweet smile, kind heart, and a natural healing intuition that many strive to have! Salute to you, Amy J! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! "

Natalie G.
New York, NY

"I have taken 3 classes with Amy J and I am looking forward to more. She has an exuberance and a joy as a teacher and person that I find so resonates with me! She has a tremendous gift as a healer and as a teacher. She explains universal concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She has the ability to cater to each different student and their level of knowledge and learning style. She makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and excited about what you are learning. Amy J truly loves this work and it shows in every class she teaches! I can't recommend her courses enough!"

Cara Viana,
Hawai'i Island

"Healing from Amy is a transformational and exhilarating experience leaving one in awe and wonder. Each time it is deeper, wider, higher, better. When she teaches you can feel the meaning, you experience her words, your spirit responds and you are elated. If you want to change your reality, talk to Amy. "

Orlando, Florida, USA

"I just finished taking the Basic DNA Theta Healing Class. Amy’s an incredible instructor. Her knowledge, love and energy is off the charts. I look forward to taking more classes from Amy & HIGHLY RECOMMEND all of her services. Thanks Amy you rock!"

Arizona, USA

"I have been a client of Amy...She supported me through navigating through one of the most difficult times of my life. Now I am studying with her, and I discovered she is also a powerful teacher. I always wanted to be able to heal myself, and grow as a whole aligned person; studying and working on myself with Amy is giving me a very important tool to unfold and make a reality of one of the most important purpose of my life."

NYC, Italy

"Since the healing with Amy J... my health is a lot better! My body feels light, and the pain I had in my legs and back is completely gone. Even my thoughts feel lighter and nimbler. After the theta meditation practice Amy gave me, I’m sleeping better and waking up fresher. The meditation practice I was previously doing prior to the healing that was giving me anxiety is now calming and grounding me. My family difficulties are going on but I feel a lot more detached from it all. Where earlier I was constantly trying to help them, unable to stop thinking of the issues going on, now I’m calm and more attentive to what I need for myself. I’m less influenced by others’ expectations or tendencies to control. In a word, I’d say I feel centered. Thanking you deeply for your incredible, magical help in this difficult time in my life"

Himachal Pradesh, India

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