Stuff I Know Webinar

Stuff I Know Webinar

Vianna’s “Stuff I Know” webinars offer insights and guidance for ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors to enhance their personal growth and self-awareness. In the webinars Vianna focuses on various aspects of self-improvement and self-healing. Webinars currently available:

  • “Knowing Yourself”
  • “Body Scans – The Bones”
  • “Intuitive Abilities”

These webinars discuss common issues that ThetaHealers may face when it comes to working on themselves and others, such as feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. Vianna provides tips for conducting belief work, understanding the reasons behind certain beliefs, and recognizing how those beliefs have served them.

The webinars emphasis on nurturing oneself in a world of uncertainty, listening to one’s body, and incorporating vitamins to support well-being. They are a beneficial resource for ThetaHealers looking to deepen their personal growth journey.

Knowing Yourself

Body Scans- The Bones

Intuitive Abilities 

Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

Discover the worldwide phenomenon of ThetaHealing and how it can help you to achieve transformational healing in this revised and updated edition of Vianna Stibal’s definitive guide.

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