I’ve Gained Much More than Great Health

I initially came to Vianna in need of physical healing. Since then my experiences with Vianna as a practitioner and then as my teacher has led me through many healings but I’ve gained much more than great health. I now have a whole new life full of love, joy, passion, prosperity, and so much more. My first session with Vianna opened up my desire to have a clear awareness of life and all of its possibilities. I also became clear on my true passion which was to help others do this as well. Vianna read this in me and invited me to her upcoming class. I immediately knew that I was going to attend.

With this first and subsequent trainings I became a full time Practitioner and Instructor of ThetaHealing, which has led me to a most wonderful and fulfilling life. The greatest change for me was that I was able to manifest, meet, and marry my soul mate. We met through Vianna’s classes and we now share our lives and a practice together.

As a full time Practitioner and Instructor I get to share the wonderful benefits of ThetaHealing with people from all over the world. My students often go on to be instructors themselves and I feel honored and touched that I am part of what will be a legacy of healing that will only grow and spread as it touches people around the globe. The beauty of ThetaHealing is that it doesn’t contradict other modalities; many of my students are practitioners of other healing arts and they are able to combine ThetaHealing with their own techniques for even better results. My students and clients are in a word, amazed, by their experiences with ThetaHealing because it works so well, it works so quickly and most importantly the results last! I can’t imagine a more rewarding path for myself because my clients and students report remarkable results overcoming a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments. I get constant feedback and testimonials from my students and clients on how successful ThetaHealing has been for them. Every day I feel such love for Source and gratitude for all I have been able to create in my life. I am so very thankful to Vianna for showing me how to always connect with Source and for bringing ThetaHealing to all of us.

With Infinite Thanks,

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