30 Day Random Act of Kindness Challenge

For a little over a month, I posted a Random Act of Kindness on Facebook every day. I did this to challenge others in practicing kindness and for myself. Knowing that kindness is one of the Four Foundational virtues we need to master while we are here. 

I consider myself to be a kind person. I know I inherited this from my mom, and I can see this has been passed onto my children. The hardest part about this challenge was posting on Facebook. Personally I don’t usually post on Facebook very much, but knowing what an impactful platform Facebook can be, I posted the challenge here so I could reach more people.. 🙂

When I originally started this challenge I thought, I am pretty kind this will be easy. I am not sure if it was the word challenge or just Facebook, but there were moments when it was, in fact, a challenge. Being kind was never the challenge. In fact, it was really easy to share when I bought something for the person behind me or donated money, but what about the days I didn’t go anywhere but home. What do I post? 

This is what I loved about this challenge. It made me redefine how I look at kindness. I remember on one of the days I sat down and thought I didn’t do my Random Act of Kindness today. Then I heard Creator clear as day, “Yes you did”. So I thought about it, there are so many things that I do daily without realizing they are kind things. To me they are the right thing to do. They are just things you naturally find yourself doing like helping your kids with their homework, packing their favorite drink or snack in there bag as a surprise, rubbing their feet because they ran on them all day. Things that I  wouldn’t think “oh I am going to do that because it is kind.” This allowed me to see how often I am actually doing kind things. This challenge did allow me to be more clever in my kindness at home, like writing a message to my partner on the mirror or a letter to my boys telling them how grateful I am for them, instead of just saying it. 

Knowing people were watching what I posted, I didn’t want to post the same thing over and over or the kind things I did for the same people. I wanted to keep it as fair and random as possible, doing this allowed me to do things that were not only kind for others, but also for myself. I learned that the person I was the least kind to, was myself. I always make sure everyone else is taken care of and put myself last. But with this 30-day challenge I was able to clearly see that. I was able to shift my perspective, do belief work and find a balance. Well more balanced scale. 🙂 Let’s be honest, I will always put others first, it is part of my nature, but now I will also show myself more kindness at the same time.  

Some people almost refused to accept kindness, and in those moments, I simply said I am doing a random act of kindness challenge and if you allow me to do this for you it will complete my challenge for the day. I found when I said this, they were more willing to accept my kindness.. WHY?? Doing ThetaHealing I know that for some people receiving kindness can be hard, especially if you don’t know what kindness feels like or believe people are only kind when they want something. I also know that giving kindness and receiving kindness are 2 completely different things. 

The funnest part of the challenge was helping others and seeing how contagious kindness is. 

My partner Christopher called me and said, “babe you would be so proud of me. I saw a homeless gentleman walking next to his bike today and I asked him if I could give him a ride. (Now it is December in Montana and winter) I put his bike in the back of the truck and drove him to the shelter where he was heading. I also gave him some money. He was so grateful. Babe it was the best feeling. I see why you are doing this challenge.”

Again, Christopher is already a pretty kind person, but this was an important moment for him.

I loved watching my children come up with their own ways to show kindness to others and reading other people’s posts about their random acts of kindness. 

Here is something cool. On one of the days we did something kind for someone we thought didn’t like us. Of course this was all our own interpretation from not communicating, but regardless we did something kind for them. Turns out they were actually really cool and from that one act of kindness we were able to open up a feeling of acceptance and understanding for each other. We no longer see each other with this negative feeling.

Kindness is something we can all practice and use to shift the vibration of the planet. It is really amazing to see the way a person’s face lights up when someone does something randomly kind for them. Through practicing kindness, we are able to release and move through different blocks and negative energy. It is hard to hold onto stress and anger when we are in an energy of kindness. 

I know that for me kindness is letting go of controlling everything and allowing compassion, love, and trust to take over. 

Are you using KINDNESS?

What is KINDNESS to you? 

Are you a Giver? A Receiver? Or Both?


  • Would you like to know what Creator’s definition of kindness is. 
  • That you know how to and that you already are kind. 
  • Would you like to know what it feels like to receive kindness.
  • That it is safe and possible to receive kindness and be kind to others. 
  • That you know how to and already do practice kindness everyday. 

Kindness is a spark inside of us that is just waiting to be released. If we allow ourselves to practice and master kIndness we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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