The Grocery List

Sometimes people only need to know what they want, and that will actually start the subconscious into creating for you. We can put the subconscious to use and work for us when it comes to manifesting.  Your brain is the fastest computer that was ever made.  If you give only give it one thing to do, it will only do one thing, and it doesn’t have any time line.  If you say for example, “I want financial security”, it could take your whole lifetime to do that.  But if you give your brain a list, like a grocery list, it will start manifesting for you immediately.  You would want to have at least 20-100 things that you need to manifest in your life on your list.

Everything is open for manifesting. Spiritual people will tell you all the time that they believe they should not be attached to material things.  True nonattachment comes when you can replace it.  You are not going to be attached to something that can easily be replaced.  Creator is the Creator of Abundance, so we can manifest abundance.  There is nothing wrong with having material things, so you can put on your list those things.  This means that if you want a new couch, you can manifest a new couch and Creator won’t be mad at you for manifesting a couch.  You have to understand what you are saying.  If you go up and to the Creator and say make me patient, the Creator is going to give you lots of people in your life to teach you patience.  That is just the way it is.

Your list should reflect what you would like to create in your lifetime and accomplish through-out the year.  When you write your list, write the statements as “I am, I have, I am already doing this.”  You would not write “I am going to exercise”, it must read “I exercise” as if you had already done it.  “I exercise every day”, then it can go on the manifesting list.  Remember that you start manifesting that you exercise every day, then on a subconscious level you are going to end up walking more, moving more, and you are going to find yourself parking at the very end of the parking lot and walking because the subconscious will be working for you.

If money was no object, what would you create?  When you start writing this down, imagine if you had all the money you ever wanted. What would you do with it?  So if had plenty of money, what would you create? Add those things to your list. What would you do if you were limitless in the financial part?  This is biggest key to your subconscious, it is limitless.   As you make your list, remember the sky is the limit.  Remember that you might have to follow through.  You have to follow through with good ideas, and you have to follow through with taking the chances that the Creator has to give you.

And we all know how you go to the grocery store and you never actually completelyfollow the list.  We all know that you get extra things when you go to the grocery store. It is ok when you manifest that when you ask the Creator for things that you get a few extra things. If you ask for only 7 classes, and you receive 10, that is a good thing.  More is not bad when you start to manifest.    Leave part of it up to the universe.  Let your brain do the work for you.  Let your subconscious help you and allow your soul to guide you.

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