Virtue is the Key to the Laws

The Laws are the fabric weave of the Universe.  There are laws that govern our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, the Earth, and even us.  It is because of these laws that there is an imaginary division between the different planes of existence.  Each law is a huge consciousness that has a smaller consciousness connected to it. The entire universe is held together by the incredible energy of the Laws.  A Law has such a high energy that it is able to transcend the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth plane energies to become the universal bond that holds everything together.  These Laws are condensed thought-forms with a high frequency of vibration that can take on forms as group consciousness to communicate with us.

The Sixth Plane of Existence is composed of the essence of the Laws.  This plane has been called the great void (or dark matter) which we part of the jelly-like substance that we travel through to get to the Seventh Plane. In perfect balance, the Laws hold the universe together in our reality.  The laws of the universe give us the introspection that we are having a life experience. They create the structure for the reality that we exist, that we breathe, and that we are human.

Throughout history, people have received information from Laws and as a result, have helped the vibration of mankind ascend.  Every generation people are born that can bring information from the laws into this existence.  Healers that use the Laws of the Sixth Plane of Existence will do healings with tones, colors, sacred geometry, numbers, magnetism, astrology, or light.  The philosophy of the Sixth Plane is: “If it’s broken, fix it”.   Healers that use the laws often become blunt in their truth, and are easily irritated at themselves and others in their quest for Truth.  The Sixth Plane has a strong vibration that emulates truth and accountability to the person that connects to it.

It is important for those that use the Sixth Plane of Existence to come to the realization that they are living and directing their own illusion.  The Laws are always at work around you and interact with you daily. There are two types of Laws in the Universe: there are Physical Laws and Emotional Laws.  Sometimes an emotion or a virtue is so powerful that they become a Law.

Virtues are thought patterns that move past the speed of light to bend time and space.  When you master a virtue, you are also mastering a high-vibrational thought form.  Once thoughts are of a high enough vibration, these thoughts can connect to a Law and work in unison with it. Virtues are positive moral characteristics that guide the way that we live our lives, to steer the ship of our spirit to the Laws. This allows us to raise our vibration to a level to understand the Laws, to connect with them, and bend them in a pure way.  We all have the birthright to realize our connection to All That Is but the virtues give us the desire to do this by holding a pure frequency of vibration.

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