Heath & Fitness | Nicole Saba: Theta Healing helped me lose 21 kilos

“Nicole Saba struggled with her weight since primary school. It was only when she discovered ThetaHealing and learnt to accept herself, that she was able to change her life for the better.

Since primary school, I have battled issues with my weight. I found myself feeling like I was never good enough, always comparing myself to others and trying to be accepted by everyone else.

For years, I struggled with trying to figure out how I could become ‘skinny’. I tried different diets, detoxes, naturopathy, health supplements, weight loss pills and tried incorporating them with exercising. All of these methods would work for a short period and then I would put the weight back on. I found myself limited in what I could eat and how I was living, which created more feelings of stress, frustration and anger and led to depression. I started praying to find a way out of the dark hole I was in. “ Heath & Fitness

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