Loving Me Loving You

When I was a little girl, people always disappointed me. I knew that they couldn’t love me. They didn’t know how to love or how to receive love. I realized that I had to learn to love them first and teach them to love to me. The reason that most people cannot be good to you or to be nice to you is that they do not know how to love or the feeling of love. As a child, I thought that loving people meant seeing only the good parts of them, not the bad. My mind was changed when I saw the truth about unconditional love.

We all think we have an understand the feeling of love, but many of us do not. If you have become a healer so that everyone will love you, you are in the wrong profession. People come to you for their own reasons. They may come to you because of their sickness, but they really come to learn from you, to learn about the Creator of All That Is.

Generally speaking, there are two types of healers. The first type forgets the love of self. They are constantly looking for the lost and lonely soul who needs help.  They want to help all humanity and cry when others are hurt. They are so busy helping others that they set no boundaries.  They tend not know what it feels like to love themselves or to know that God loves them. Finally, their physical body is affected, and they find themselves alone when they need love. The other type of healer expects the world to worship and adore them. They have the love of self, which is good—only they love themselves too much and forget to love others in the process. This type of person only serves themselves and wasn’t everyone else to love and serve them. They need to understand that it feels like to love another person or to love God.

These two types of people have the same feelings, but with different motivations. They either over-serve or under-serve. You may fall into either one of these categories depending on the day and how you feel at the time. Balance is the key to love.

  • I understand the Creator’s definition of love.
  • I understand what it feels like to have someone love me.
  • I have balanced with love.
  • It is safe to be loved.
  • I love God, and God loves me.
  • I am surrounded by people that love me.

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