What is the Creator?

The ultimate power and the pure truth is the Creator of All That Is, and it exists everywhere. It is the Alpha and Omega of the Planes of Existence. It is all around us. This is the place of pure wisdom, the Creative Force, the essence of pure love. This is the place of instant healings, manifestations, and the highest truth. It just is. In this place there is absolute peace, knowingness, contentment, support, nurturing and endless possibility.

The energy of Creation consists of a pure form of love with infinite intelligence that is interconnected multi-dimensionally with all things from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy in the universe. This creative energy comes into this universe to create particles in its purest state and most abundant form from its place of its origin, the Seventh Plane of Existence. The essence of pure thought has the correct vibration to go up to the Seventh Plane of Existence and utilize the purest form of energy for healings. The Seventh Plane of Existence simply embraces us in a love energy while it changes the human vibration to perfection.

When we connect to the Seventh Plane of Existence, we are sending our energy of our consciousness through the vast expanses of the universe, riding on a timeless theta wave that travels many times past the speed of light through the Laws into the pearlescent light into the Seventh Plane energy. When you become aware that you can use this energy easily and effortlessly, you can create your reality. With this awareness, time ceases to exist. All separations based upon duality disappear to reveal the pure essence of the most divine and loving Creator of All That Is. While we are in this energy, we can become this energy–to witness it to create a healing. Also remember that as long as you go into a theta brain wave, you can witness healing from any Plane of Existence.

With the Seventh Plane energy you are consciously aware of every choice. Healers who work with the Creator of All That Is can easily move in and, if desired, out of all the Planes of Existence and have an absolute energy of joy and love. Be patient with yourself as you evolve. From this plane, you have absolutely no time for useless anger, resentment, competition, or regret. It gets easier to connect to the Seventh Plane when there are fewer negative thoughts occupying space in your brain. Clearing out negative thoughts and programs on all four levels that keep you bound to the other planes will allow you to maintain a conscious connection to the Seventh Plane of Existence all the time. The more you practice going to the Seventh Plane the faster you can get there.

The Creator of All That Is exists everywhere. The energy of Creation exists everywhere. It is all around us. It is what we are. It is what you are.

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