What We Believe Creates Us

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Humans are walking miracles. We learn how to manipulate our bodies, use our brain, walk, control our limbs, communicate, and have the ability to act upon thoughts, ideas, dreams, and make decisions. The Third Plane of Existence is the Plane of imagination, problem solving, instinctual actions, and the reality of being in the human body in the physical world. How we balance our emotions will dictate how well we are able to access and move freely through all the other Planes to create health. This Plane is the learning ground where we grow.

All things in existence are divine in nature, and this includes the human body. The way that our spirit experiences this Plane is in a human body. You have a physical body with a spirit inside. The physical body is a reflection of everything that you believe. In the same context, everything that is going on in your life is going on in your body. The way you look and how your feel is all a perceived identity that is created in the illusion of the Third Plane. What we believe creates us. If you have too many negative beliefs or positive beliefs creating a negative, it causes an energy fracture in the All That Is of what you are. These are beliefs that do not serve you. In order to repair these energy fractures, the Creator has given us illness to make us aware of them and change our beliefs.

In creating our own reality, we have made the illusion of programs, thought-forms, and collective consciousness which keep us bound to this Plane. This may mean that some of our physical, mental, and spiritual abilities are blocked. Negative belief systems can hinder us from understanding our true abilities. In order to break free of the chains that bind us, we must concentrate upon the joy of life instead of the fear, resentment, and hatred. We create our life based on our fears, doubts, dis-beliefs, resentments, and anger as well as the positive feelings and emotions that become virtues.

While we are on this planet, the challenge is to outweigh the feelings of negativity with those that are possible to have health, happiness, and joy and also to transcend into the realms of enlightenment by being virtuous. The way that change is created on the Third Plane is by sending out our consciousness through the Creator to the other Planes. It is this Third Plane consciousness that we must break free from in order to connect with the powers of the other Planes to manifest change. We learn to progress by realizing positive virtues. It is important to create a cosmic consciousness, an understanding that we are more than our physical body in a physical world.

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