Overcoming Divine Timing Resistance

Every time I’ve asked a question from the Creator, the doors opened, and the Creator gave me an answer. There were a lot of answers that I didn’t want to receive. I didn’t want to know. I felt like I had to help my divine timing because I was so resistant. It was really interesting to see how the universe is saying this is going happen, and when you move with it, the doors open, and you have a place. When you decide that you are done with your divine timing, that you are not going to finish, the universe will start pushing you through that resistance.

When you resist your divine timing, you will go through something called the dark night of the soul.  This is where everything in your world will have to fall apart so that you can put it back together again. You do not have to do that. Sometimes you are resistant because the door hasn’t opened yet. Sometimes you know what you are supposed to do, but you don’t really want to do it yet.

If you feel resistance, ask how to make it less resistant. When you go up and connect to manifest with your divine timing, don’t ask if this is in your highest good. A better question to ask is, is this in my divine plan? What is best for me in my divine purpose?

Here is the most important part of working with your divine timing: as long as you are doing your divine timing, your requests are usually honored. For example: Creator, I need to do my divine timing, I need to do this. I need a house, I need to be surrounded with things that I can love, I need a yard that I can walk in, I need friends to surround me, I need a divine life partner. As long as you are in the energy of your divine timing, you can manifest.

You can go up and say, “What is my next plan?” Some people do not get anything. In that case, you must be waiting for your divine timing to finish coming in. That is not you being resistant in your divine timing; it might mean you are waiting. If you ask for your divine timing, you are going to start feeling things, and you are going to start knowing things. Trust your instinct. Remembering your future can also help. This will allow you to go in and shift a few things, and that can help with the divine timing.

What really matters in working with your divine timing is your soul name. Our parents blessed us with a name that actually gives us a charge forward, but the name that really matters is our soul name. You have a purpose. If you were a perfect example of God, then people could follow it. If we can interact with all the virtues that we have when we came here, we can interact with our environment in a higher way. The level of communication that we have with the Creator using our soul name and the virtues inherit to us helps you succeed at your divine timing, whether it takes you 1 lifetime or 100 lifetimes. It is always best to follow your divine timing and trust your spirit.

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