We are What We Believe

When you were raised in your particular family, you were told what to believe; you were expected to believe as your family did.  Because your brain works as a computer, you either took what they told you as a program, or you rejected it.  From the time you were a small baby, you were told that if you touched a hot plate, it would burn you.  As a child you agreed this was a truth and so believed it, and took it as a program.

So in the act of creating programs, the mind acts like a computer accepting data. How we respond depends on the information that we receive and how we interpret it and determines whether it becomes a belief system. When a belief has been accepted as real by the body, mind, or soul, it becomes a program. Programs can be to our benefit or detriment, depending on what they are and how we are reacting to them. In their negative form, they can have adverse effects on our heart, mind, body, and soul.

We are manifestations of what we believe and how we are programmed. Everything we are makes us in our body, in the now. What we believe we are, we are. If you have too many negative beliefs, if causes an energy fracture in who and what you are. If you are dealing with too much guilt, you will attract bad bacteria. If you have too much resentment, you will draw fungi into the body.  If you feel unworthy, you will draw viruses.  Belief work can clear these emotions and vibrations.

When you remove, replace, or instill belief and feeling programs, you work with all the planes that you are currently connected to and exist in. As these “programs” are removed, it permits you to use all the planes at once instead of being trapped on one or two. All the manifestations of power can be used simultaneously. As your negative programs are removed and replaced with programs without limits, we may start to manifest for important changes.

Once these programs are changed, you can live in the present moment of the absolute love to see clearly what is really going on with the people around you. Even though you are in a Third Plane of Existence “body,” you can still tap into absolute truth. Releasing those negative belief programs will free your mind to accept the law of truth. Belief work empowers people with the ability to remove these negative programs and belief systems and replace them with positive ones from the Creator of All That Is.  It is a changing of behavior. This behavior may be physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. This also enables healing to happen. Allowing more of the Creator’s energy to affect change, which is creation, will bring about instant healings.

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