Beliefs Start with the History Level

Our histories started before we were born. The history of the planet– the history of our world started before we were born. All of these genetic codes that are in our body carry the beliefs of our ancestors that aided them centuries. All of those codes effect you too because the past is not just our past, the present is not just our present, and the future is not just our future. Decisions that we are making now impact our children, and our children’s children on a genetic level.

We have beliefs systems that integrate into our DNA. If our ancestors had not learned how to survive many years ago, we would not be here. Our ancestors gained a lot of skills that you are now naturally born with; the natural desire to help your fellow man, for example. If you are a healer of any kind, you have learned that there exists a desire to help people. It’s important to know what beliefs affect you in your history level, and what ideas influence you on your genetic level, which in turn affect you on the core level.

We believe that we create our reality, so in your reality, what are you building now? Why are you in the circumstance that you are in? Is it a good circumstance? Are your truly happy? Are you angry at yourself or others? Are you going up and down every day as an actual pattern or is every day completely different? All of this has to do with what is called genetic programs. Programs that are inside of us that are “hot-wired” inside of us from generations past. Now, we can change our patterns if we desire with belief work.

But how many of us are still linked into our genetic programs? If you know the history of any kind, and you know anything about your DNA or anything about yourself, you can start looking for different beliefs. One thing that helps us find beliefs is just understanding our genetics, our primary lines that we came from. Understanding your admixture, where your people came from can help you unlock the keys to yourself. Remember, that one of the biggest keys about our beliefs is that they all serve us. Because they serve us, we keep them for them for a reason.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. Our souls came to this planet to learn; to learn to control our thoughts, how to master them, to learn how to master virtues, and to learn how to love without real negative thoughts. This learning process began before you were born. It started with our ancient ancestors. Everything that we have learned has come with us.

With ThetaHealing, we go up and change these beliefs. Changing it means that we discover that the pattern is no longer necessary. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they find a belief and pull it before they understand how it has helped them, how it served them, or if it just needs to be shifted. If you remove a belief without discovering what you learned from it, and if someone in our history is learning that lesson, it will shift back. The beliefs that we shift are often in our history, so make sure you understand what the belief is teaching you and how it is serving you.

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