The Body Beautiful:

The Body Beautiful

Everyone is beautiful.

We are all perfect in our own special way. People all over the world have different shapes to their bodies, and they are all beautiful.

In western society, there is a real stigma attached to being overweight. This has become a wide-ranging attitude toward people who are even moderately overweight. Much of the stigma has come from the modern media, creating proliferations of the ‘perfect body’ and creating a false ideal. This idea is what many people compare themselves and others to. As a result of these popular beliefs about weight, many people think they need to lose weight when they don’t need to lose any at all and are absolutely beautiful the way they are.

This is also a very modern view. In the past, being fat was seen as a good thing. It is likely in ancient times we stored fat for the lean periods when food wasn’t abundant, or possibly for when we became sick. It was beneficial for the fat reserves to be there when we needed them. Later in history being fat was widely perceived as a symbol of wealth and fertility, and still is in some parts of the world.

Genetics play a role in our body size as well. Ancestors, where people live, lifestyle, and environment all play a role in designing the optimal body for you. What is healthy for you from a genetic standpoint may not be what you want to be or how you want to look, but you need to understand that your body shape is special to you. You should aim to be healthy and strong, and full of your own special beauty. There are so many ideas of beauty, but it isn’t the outward appearance of ‘perfection’ that defines us. Instead, it is our own character.

Belief work is an essential part of ThetaHealing.  It is the part that can be easily interpreted and understood from a psychological viewpoint. By utilizing the ThetaHealing technique, you can achieve a body beautiful for you, inside and out. Most people fail to find their sense of being already perfect because of the beliefs that block the process. Beliefs such as fear of losing yourself and fear of success play a role in body size.

ThetaHealing teaches that everything is a product of our belief system.  We create our own reality based on our thoughts and divinity – for we are a part of God. We create our divine reality, and it is up to us. Not being a perfect weight has more to do with our beliefs than we may realize. Ultimately it is up to us to change what we believe. In ThetaHealing, we want to teach people that they can have divine thoughts, divine essence, and be in the best of health, and this creates a body beautiful from the inside out.

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