Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

To have unconditional love for someone is to love them in a ‘Christ’ or ‘Buddha” consciousness. It is to see their truth through the Creator (or with enlightenment) and still love them in spite of this. When you go up to the Creator of All That Is for healing, you reach for and grab the energy of unconditional love and put it in the body. This enables the body to have the energy it needs to make changes. It only takes one atom of unconditional love to make any change in the body.

To make a molecular shift in the body, one must have the energy to create or ‘dis-create,’ but where does this energy come from? We teach students in ThetaHealing a step-by-step process to visualize ‘going up’ and gathering the love. As the brain gets used to what it is supposed to be envisioning, the process will happen spontaneously and automatically. In the end, it is the ability of the practitioner to witness the healing that will bring it into being. The Creator does the healing, the practitioner witnesses it and there it is.

However, if you force unconditional love into the body of a person who has never received it, their body will fight it off just as it would a bacteria or virus. The person will become uncomfortable and feel out of sorts for the whole thing. Programs associated with the acceptance of unconditional love are created in childhood.

To a large extent, all our lives are filled with the search for love in all its shapes and forms. To find examples, we need only to observe the driving force to find a soulmate, to have friends, to bear and raise children, and to have pets. Men have competitive sports to feel comradely and to bond with one another. Even some anger and hatred result from the search for love, or the loss or lack of love. Most human relations of a positive nature are a search for the essence of love.

A large number of the people you work with will be searching in vain for love and will not be able to find it no matter how hard they look. This may be because they don’t love themselves and they don’t understand what it feels like to love. With permission, you can instill the feeling of pure love into them on all levels through the Creator.

The Seventh Plane is the pure energy of creation; it is all-encompassing. It is the place of pure wisdom, of creative energy, of pure love, the place of instant healing, manifestations and the highest truth. The Seventh Plane is the power of unconditional love. This is the plane of “It just is.” This plane naturally embraces you in love energy while it changes the human vibration to perfection.

Remember you are the witness and the Creator does the downloads and healing.

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