The Power of Witness

The Power of Witness

In a deep Theta wave, we open doorways to healings, readings, and manifestations. Therefore, it is necessary for us to witness the healing energy of the Creator until the entire process has finished. Nothing happens in nature without it being seen or witnessed. Our mind does not accept something as real until it has been formed as a vision. When something becomes a vision, it is recognized as real to us, as well as to the Creator. a vital is why developing visualization skills is so important.

Everyone visualizes. Some people think that this means that they see the visualization behind their eyelids, but this is incorrect. The place where the visualization is seen is the place where we envision our memories. Some people call this feeling. People often confuse the differences in feeling and seeing. If you feel the color green, then you are visualizing it. Visualization is, in fact, an action that we carry out every minute of every day. Ninety percent of the brain’s sensory input is visual, and at least half of our stored memories are visual memories. We constantly visualize, whether we are aware of it or not.

Expecting the vision to become a reality is more than just an act of visualization; it is an act of creation. Deciding upon something that we want to happen and visualizing it with concentration, faith, and desire set high powers in motion. The creation of reality through visualization is a natural process that all of us unconsciously employ. Thoughts that pass through our mind create our life. It is only the perception of imagination and reality that cause some people confusion.

Witnessing the healing being done is a vital part of the process of visualizing. There is a difference between giving a command and watching it happen. Only after you have witnessed the healing process is it done. It is through the witnessing of healing or manifestation that the command will work. There is a law that says, ‘If it is not witnessed, it won’t happen.’ Many healers are in a big hurry and leave the body before they finish observing the process. If you don’t witness the process as complete, it won’t be complete.

When you witness the Creator doing the healing, you will feel awake and alive once you have finished. Seeing the Creator heal also keeps the ego out of the healing. Be patient and wait for the Creator’s energy to enter, then directly witness it instead of trying to force it with your own energy. Remember our job is to witness the Creator doing the healing.

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