Soulmates are Divine Timing

Soulmates are Divine Timing: Fine A Divine Life Partner

Many people are looking for that one individual called your divine life partner. A divine life partner is someone who shares your divine timing, shares the same exact path as you, and enters your life to help you. Not everyone has a divine life partner. Many people have a compatible partner that will allow you to go down your path and wait for you to finish teaching and healing. Others have someone to accompany them on their divine life journey. If this is the case and you are looking for your divine life partner, you must remember that just because you are ready doesn’t mean that they are.

If you have a divine life partner, you find yourselves in divine timing. You may find yourself a year or even two years before, and maybe you need a little bit longer to get ready. It is like baking a cake. You never take the cake out of the oven before it is ready. You need to make sure that you wait for them until they are ready for you. Many people go up and command their soulmate to be in their life immediately, and in comes a soulmate, they love them, they are not compatible. Or they wait for a compatible soulmate, they come in, and they are compatible, but they are not ready. They are not emotionally, physically, spiritually ready yet, and then you have to start with that long time of actually training them to open their hearts to be loved.

You need to go up and ask for divine guidance, when is this person going to be ready? When am I going to meet them? When am I allowed to meet them? When are they going to be in my life is another question. You may meet them four years before you are with them. You need to make sure you ask specific questions.

A lot of you are tired of waiting; you are ready for your divine soulmate, you don’t want to mess around, you have had other soulmates, and you have had other possibilities in your life. You need to realize that people find their soulmate when they love themselves. You also need to understand that if you are looking for divine guidance, then you have to trust divine guidance. That is the biggest thing that we always forget.

You have to love yourself. Right when you feel incredibly lonely, and that there is nobody out there for you, your heart is making the signal that calls your soulmate. If you feel like you are doing everything in your path, you may be waiting for what is called your divine timing. Many of us know our path, what we should be doing, and know that we are supposed to do it, but divine timing is when the universe comes in and pushes our path through. The universe has its own push; its own timing, so you may be on your path, but you may be waiting for your divine push, and that divine push will come. You just have to know that there is someone there for you. Your divine life partner will find you. You are never too late to fall in love, ever.

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