The Right Soul Mate

A soul mate is someone you have known before in another time and place. Some believe that we lived and existed elsewhere before we entered this life and that we will continue to live afterward. You should be drawn physically to your soulmate. If you are not, then there is a component missing. You are attracted to your soul mates not only by the positive beliefs that you have in common but by the negative beliefs that you have in common as well. When you ask for your soulmate, ask for someone that shares some of your spiritual ideas. You are going to grow with your soulmate, but you have to find them first, and you need to know what you want; someone that is compatible physically and spiritually, and someone that will grow with you.

A twin flame is someone exactly like you. If someone is exactly like you, you may not want to live with them. A twin flame could be exactly like you when you were 18. It would be like dating yourself but younger, which is not always good compatible energy. Often when people are married to their twin flame, they are so much alike that they split apart. 

Many of you are so psychic that you know that there is someone you are looking for, and that individual is called your divine life partner.  Someone who shares your divine timing. A divine life partner is someone that shares your complete path, shares in everything that you are doing, and helps you along the way. Not everyone has a divine life partner. A lot of you have a compatible partner that will let you go down your own path and will be there waiting for you at the end. Others have someone that shares their spiritual life journey. Your divine life partner shares your divine life mission. Plenty of healers have a divine life partner, and that is why when they meet a soulmate it never actually works out, or they lose interest quickly because they are looking for that one divine partner. 

If you are on your path, you may meet your divine life partner. Not everyone has a divine life partner. Some people have a very compatible partner. I have been watching over the years, and I have noticed that the healers are not just looking for a compatible soul mate, but they are looking for their other part that makes them almost complete on their pathway. A lot of healers have a divine life partner. If you have a divine life partner, you find yourself in divine timing. If you have a divine life partner, you need to go up and ask for divine guidance.

Whatever the type of soul mate, you need to realize that people find their soul mate when they love themselves. You also need to understand that if you are looking for divine guidance, you have to trust that advice. That is something that we often forget. The wisdom is the ability to open your mind, to truly search for the right guidance and to listen to your intuition.

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