The Vice of Criticism

The Vice of Criticism

Criticism is interesting. It’s one of the things that we have learned from our ancestors. When we criticize others, we are comparing them to our own morality and ideals. Criticism allows us to tell ourselves that “this is not what I want to be. I want to be something else instead.” However, we tend to overextend it. We use criticism for more than just judgment and deciding what we do or do not want to be. We have made it into something incredibly harmful, and it will bring our energy down drastically. We are always critiquing ourselves and others and holding each other to one another’s standards.

When you are busy criticizing your family, your friends, or others, you expend large amounts of energy. This is energy that could instead be applied to healing, creating your world, and creating your reality. Why do we feel the need to critique ourselves and others? Subconsciously, we believe that as long as we stay here, we don’t have to risk failure. We don’t have to try; we don’t have to accomplish anything, and we can remain in limbo instead. Through experience, I have found that criticism keeps you bound to the moment.

If you wake up in the morning and find yourself mad at your son or daughter for not being what you want them to be, you have inherited a genetic tendency for criticism. Have you ever thought of the things that irritate you about somebody else? Do you find yourself concerned with why they are one way and not another? That is probably a deeply-seated ancestral belief. We use these ideas as a survival mechanism; good judgment is survival, criticism is limbo.

When we criticize, we send signals out to others. If we are not doing it right, everyone is going to notice. Criticality is a dense thought-form that will quickly lower your vibrations and will block you from moving forward. Humans are interesting creatures. Because of our ancestors, we have compared ourselves to other people for so long that is has become a collective subconscious program. It has become instinctual.

Healers have the ability to be involved in and see things that are going on in someone’s life. We are told that if you can see another person’s life, you have learned to live without criticizing them in that moment. You look inside of them without criticism; you know their heart’s true intentions. If we could all see people’s true intentions, we would shift completely.

If we changed completely, what would happen? The change would be so drastic that we would not want to stay on this planet, and without the constraints of this world, we would evolve we would become a higher life form. We would become spiritual. We would have a higher spiritual vibration, and we would leave our world behind. Tiny things like criticism can anchor us into the earth and keep us subscribed to patterns. As long as we are over-critical, we cannot step out of our comfort zone and achieve full enlightenment.

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