The All That Is

The All That Is

The Divine Essence is an all-encompassing place of pure wisdom and creative energy. It encompasses our love and is a place for instant healings, manifestations, and the highest of truths. It is the Seventh Plane of Existence.

This plane of existence forms all the others; it is the subatomic source of All That Is. It is through the Seventh Plane of Existence that we realize and that we are not separate, but connected to every plane.

The pure truths are the Seventh Plane and the Creator of All That is. The spirit moves and intertwines, binding together everything in existence. Some people refer to this energy as the Holy Spirit, and others refer to it as a “source” or the “Divine Essence.” In ThetaHealing, we refer to it as “All That Is.” Regardless of what you call it, your pure intent, used with a Theta Wave, is the deciding factor in accessing this energy of pure love.

When the healer connects to the Seventh Plane and witnesses the Creator’s power to heal, the healing will be done. It is that simple. Healers working on this plane can achieve immediate healing, though the client’s free agency must be respected and their beliefs may be blocking the healing. The Seventh Plane of Existence embraces the healer with love while it changes the human vibration to a level of perfection.

The energy of Creation consists of a pure form of love with infinite intelligence that is interconnected multi-dimensionally with all things, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy in the universe. This creative energy that comes to this universe in it’s purest state and creates particles. It is in it’s most abundant form in its place of origin; the Seventh Plane of Existence.

The essence of pure thought has the correct vibrations to cross over to the Seventh Plane if Existence and utilize the purest form of energy for healing. The Seventh Plane of Existence is made up of the pure energy of Creation. It is the Alpha and Omega of the Planes of Existence. It is the Plane of Existence that “just is.” The ultimate power and pure truth lie with the Creator of All That Is. The Creator of All That Is exists everywhere. The energy of Creation exists everywhere. It is all around us.

When an individual becomes aware of their ability to use this energy easily and effortlessly, they have the potential to create their reality. With this awareness, time ceases to exist. All separations based upon duality disappear to reveal the pure essence of the most divine and loving Creator of All that Is, and instant accountability and results come with it.

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