Needs vs Neediness

Needs vs Neediness

There are two kinds of need. There are selfish, greedy needs or needs that serve to fulfill divine timing. When you go up and do your manifesting, you are supposed to say “I have this in my life”. This tells your subconscious that you have it now, and it manifests as if you already have it.

It is important to know what your needs are in order to fulfill your life purpose. When you put it out there and say “this is in my life now,” this is what manifests. You don’t go up and say “I need this in my life now.” You must avoid the word need. You have to be careful with what you say, but you still must know your needs. You don’t have to bargain with the Creator, but if you write down a need list and say “these are my needs Creator,” you will find that they actually come true.

Our ideas of needs and Creator’s ideas of needs are completely two different things.

Many of us are creating a need. In order to motivate yourself on a subconscious level, you may have created extra bills or extra things you need, and you have to go out and teach so that you are actually fulfilling your life purpose. Your life purpose is going to push you. You are going to create a financial need. These are subconscious needs that you create in order to inspire yourself to set up and do your life purpose.

Write down what your needs really are. If you really want to teach a class monthly and want to be gone 16 days out of the month, then your need would be to find the right nanny, housekeeper, or the right dog sitter that would love to take care of your family while you are teaching. Write down everything that you need. Write a list of goals that you want to accomplish and let your subconscious go up, manifest it, and let it come to you.

Sometimes we have to clear beliefs in order for our needs to be met by the Creator. We have failed to realize that our motivation is the need to create. Our needs become our motivation to create.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually work enough on our programs that we cover more than our needs, and cover our wants and desires? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you always have plenty and that you make more than enough money to pay your bills? That you are always working to accomplish something? How much do you really need?

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