A World of Blessings

A World of Blessings

When we manifest, we can only manifest for ourselves. Hopefully, on that manifestation list, you included virtues that you would like to develop. However, we often want to send goodwill to others, and we can send this in the form of blessings. You can create a list of those you can send blessings to. If you could send blessings to anyone, who would it be? With what would you want to bless people?

Blessings are stronger than anything. You can bless your family. You can send a blessing of abundance or a blessing of joy. This energy surrounds the person and helps them. You can bless anyone with anything as long as the blessing is of goodness. You can bless people with love. You may bless them so that they can achieve abundance and that they can be kind to others, or that they are a part of God.

When you bless someone, do you affect their free-will? Well, it is a part of their free-will to take those blessings. Blessings are not downloads. They do not go into their cells. It is a blessing. It is just like people saying that they feel cursed. Blessings and curses are opposing forces of pervading belief in duality. Both are condensed thought-forms. The big difference between the two is that the Creator can support blessings. A blessing is stronger than a curse. When you cleanse yourself of curses, you should also look for blessings.

Here is how it works:

Say you move into a new house. The land loves you, and so it blesses you to be the caretaker and its guardian. What happens if you ever want to sell your home? You can’t. You must to go up and see if anything is holding you to the land. It’s possible that the thing that’s holding you is a blessing. A human blessing, “bless you that you may always find truth and love,” has to be accepted by the subconscious in some way, even though you received the blessing of caretaker from the land on some level. When you pull off a blessing of the land, a lot of times it is you underneath it. You love the land; you blessed the land, you took care of the land, and it is not easy for you to break that energy. You need to bless the land so that it finds somebody else to love just as it loved you.

You must remember that you just can’t turn and send any blessing. “I want you to die,” for example, does not work. You are on the 7th plane, and when you are on the 7th plane, the energy is made of enlightenment, love, and the perfect energy of God. You cannot bless someone with something negative, and you will not even have the desire to if you are on the 7th plane. Bless the people that you know with kindness, goodness, and abundance, and many other virtues for their life. Their energy will surround them with these real and positive things as they choose to accept it with their free-will. You might be amazed at how the world around you changes.

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