Daily Manifesting Ideas

Daily Manifesting Ideas

Often when we want to manifest, we follow the process that we have been taught; we sit down, walk up to the Creator, and visualize a manifesting exercise to bring forth what we are asking for.  However, there are some things that we can do daily, sometimes several times a day, to assist in the manifesting process that we sometimes forget. 

Bless your Money: When you spend or receive money, bless it for you and everyone who receives this money comes back 10 fold.  This works for money in bank accounts also. Money is a form of exchange. Give gratitude for the money that you do have. If you find a coin on the ground, bless it and give gratitude knowing that you are abundant in every way. Always have a little bit of money in your pocket, your Subconscious will think that there is plenty of money and will bring you more. 

Always Leave a Little Bit of Food on your Plate: This will train your subconscious to believe that you have more than you need. This will help shift the belief structure “I always have just what I need” and keep things flowing in a positive direction, knowing that you always have plenty.

Make out Payments for Bills in Advance: But DO NOT SEND the bills until you have the money to pay. This triggers your subconscious to know that you desire to pay your bills and thus, your subconscious creates this for you. I still practice this technique every month, making out the payments for the bills and blessing the money. When it is time to send the bill in the mail, by magic, the money is always there.

Download your Objects:  You can have your things work for you by downloading the objects with intention. Download your business cards, your websites, your office and anything else that you can think of with intent to bring you what you desire. I was once tired of having only bills show up in the mail, and so I downloaded my mailbox to receive money. Money started showing up in the mail from unexpected sources throughout that entire year.

Create Manifesting Moments: Find something that will be a reminder for you, such as a clock that chimes, seeing number patterns, certain times that you see, for example, 11:11. Call these manifesting moments. When you see the reminder, stop what you are doing for a moment, connect to the Creator and manifest, giving gratitude and thanks along the way. It only needs to take a few seconds. 

Once we clear beliefs, our subconscious needs something to do. By manifesting daily, we have the ability to give our subconscious things to create for us.  Try these ideas and see how much you can really manifest in a day.

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