Great Tips for Belief Work

Great Tips for Belief Work

With the Dig Deeper Seminar, you spend two full days enhancing the ThetaHealing Technique utilizing belief work. Here are some great tips for the Digging Process:

Tip #1: If you are avoiding the belief work or the Digging Process, then this is the first sign that you need to use the process. The Digging Process still has to be done to achieve the result that you are wanting.  Downloads are nice, and they assist in the process, but they are not the pathway to a result.

Tip #2: When you are muscle testing yourself, make sure to stand up and face North. Close your eyes to access your subconscious, and make sure that you speak out loud. This is the most accurate way of muscle testing yourself without any manipulation. In instructors seminars you muscle test for beliefs as a group, you stand up, close your eyes, and speak out loud. 

Tip #3: When muscle testing, it is a good idea to use your native language, especially when testing for beliefs from your childhood. The language that you learned as a child can have an impact on your belief systems in the subconscious. 

Tip #4: Always phrase your beliefs positively, avoiding ‘don’t,’ ‘isn’t,’ ‘can’t,’ and ‘not.’ The universe does not hear auxiliary verbs and will bring to you the very thing you want to avoid. I know someone who someone who kept affirming “I don’t want another child” – and how did Creator respond? They got baby #5 very quickly. 

Tip #5: Remember to have fun! As you release and clean out your beliefs, you can understand and see how individual ones were serving you, what you learned from them, and you will know that from that moment on after the root belief has been replaced with what you learned, you are then free to create in your new belief structure. Have fun in creating your new reality!

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