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ThetaHealing Featured in Good Health Australia Magazine

good-health-australiaThetaHealing was recently featured in the July 2010 version of Good Health in Australia. ThetaHealing a Change in your brainwave can lead to recovery, finds Angela Donaldson.

Angela Donaldson¬†interviewed Mark Anthony a ThetaHealing Master from Australia and has featured an article about ThetaHealing and Mark in the Good Health Magazine.¬† Mark says, ” ThetaHealing is the ultimate tool in self-empowerment¬†as it can reprogram the subconscious mind. It enables you to release feelings connected events from the past so you can be free of the pain and restriction from those issues and live more in the moment.” To read more on this article

Part 1 of Good Health Article

Part 2 of Good Health Article

What a wonderful article congratulations Mark from THInK.

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