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Summer Finale 2013

Today is the last day of the Planes of Existence Course and the last day of the summer here at THInK. People from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Israel, Russia, India, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Columbia, Holland, Brazil, Philippines, Canada, and many others) have come together this summer to learn more about ThetaHealing.

There are so many emotions being shared today.  There are the joys of going home and the sadness of saying good-bye to the friends that we have grown to love. But we are not saying good-bye, we are simply saying until next time — remembering our connection until then, through the Creator of all That Is.

We will now have the opportunity to take everything we have learned and create the reality we wish to achieve in our daily lives. The Planes of Existence is an outstanding class on which to end.

The Seven Planes of Existence is the ability to know how to connect with the Creator. This is the most powerful, life-changing tool from which we benefit.  We’ve had the opportunity to share it with many practitioners and now will watch them share it with many more.

ThetaHealing is more then just a technique.  It is a way of Life!

Every year we learn and grow from the students that come to THInK . Know that you touch our hearts.

To all ThetaHealers, remember you are always connected to the Creator of All That Is. Through this energy you will find your destiny.

Love and gratitude





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