If I handed you $100 Million Dollars, what would you with it? Close your eyes and think for minute. Would you go to another Country and feed the sick? Really? What would you really do if you first received $100 Million Dollars? Would you go on a vacation? You might actually take a little time and play.

Which is why you don’t have $100 Million Dollars. Because our focus is so much on changing the planet, that our subconscious is really motivated by money. Not having money, but the need for money. Having the need for money keeps you practicing as a healer and seeing clients. Many of you have seen clients so frustrating that you did not want to see them anymore. But on that day, they were schedule for the appointment, and you really needed that money to make ends meet. So you saw them anyway.

You feel like you have to help them, but the extra motivation is money. So here is the deal. We are supposed to be motivated by that deep desire to help. And in a good way, you are motivated by love. And if you really want to have more money, you have to work on really being motivated by love. But the universe will motivate us by anyway it can. Sometimes the universe will hand you a really big problem or a lot of financial obligation so that you are motivated to keep moving forward. And then you stress and worry, but somehow you always make it. But your greatest motivation is those appointments sometimes.

We use finances and money as spiritual means to motivate our human self. Start looking at your financial problems as a very clever way of motivating yourself. You don’t always like being motivated by money, but it still motivates people on this planet. But it is the need of money to finish your obligations, makes you stay with your classes. IF you really worry about money and making it every month, knowing that Creator always takes care of you, work on making sure that you have more confidence.

When we go up and ask God to make us better healers, that means practice. Creator is going to bring people to us that we can practice on. And there is not a better motivation to practice than when you do those appointments to make your financial obligations. This is a chain reaction. So you think that you are under financial stress, but really you are under a great motivation of the universe. Everyone that we teach is super important. A class of two can be spiritually as important as a class of fifty.

I want you to know that you can have plenty of abundance and still be motivated. Would you like to know that you can have plenty of money and still be motivated to be a healer? And that you can have plenty of trust in the universe and still be a healer? That you can have good ideas and that it can be fun making money. And I want you to have fun. I want it to be a part of your life. I want you to have fun making it. Say Yes to Receive those downloads. 

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