Everything is about time. Everything that we do, everything that we say. What makes us who we are is time. Our past, our present, and our future. People come to the seminars and say “Vianna, I am only living in the now, I don’t have to remember the past.” Really, everything we has to do with who we are in the past, our past experiences, our past history. The whole world is based on the history of our past. We learn from what we have done, and what our parents have done and what everyone has done before us.

Our brains are really smart. It is the smartest computer that ever was made. And the first thing that happens is that your brain records everything that has ever happened to you. Your subconscious runs about 90% of your life and what happens is your subconscious analyzes things, learns from them, and puts them into a behavior patter. Your rain classifies things just as learning experiences.

A lot of people say “I live in the now. I don’t live in the past, I don’t live in the present, I only live in the now.” The only way you can live in the now is to know what is the past and what you are is being created in the future. I always tell people that if they want to be a good intuitive and a good healer, you need to be able to create your future, so therefore, there isn’t such thing as really living in the now because it is always gone before you know it is now.

When we do belief work, we find out why we do the things we do is usually based on our past. These are our subconscious programs that happen when we were younger as we were children. As we look at our beliefs we can change certain behaviors and certain habits. When we do belief work, we don’t take away the past memories. But we do change behaviors. The First thing that we do with belief work is that we start with muscle testing certain behaviors, ideas, or concepts that you would like to work on. When we ask the questions who, what, when, where, why and how, we are really teaching you to go back in the past and see where these behaviors come from.

In ThetaHealing, we start by finding the root belief, where did this all start. When you find the root belief, you have to bring it into the present. A good question to ask is “how is this serving you?” And when we discover the present, we ask the future question “what would happen if you changed this?” With belief work, you are it from the past, to the present, to the future.

One of the biggest keys about our beliefs is that they all serve us. Once we learn how the belief serves us, we can change the belief. We go up in a theta brain wave, locate the belief, and change it. It is fast, quick, and efficient. Shifting beliefs is like finally understanding yourself, understanding where the beliefs come from, understanding how they help you. Everything in your life has meaning. Everything that you have done and experience makes you who you are.

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