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Creating your Reality

Thoughts and Words have Real Power! Your words and thoughts are more powerful than you think.  You must watch what you say and think – the result is Manifesting Instantly!  The ability to


Healing and Children

Children have a pure conviction in the reality of the divine and generally will not block or hinder a healing. However, parents are often locked into their child’s problem so deeply that they


What is your Greatest Fear?

Fears are always in the future. Compulsive fear in a person may cause a block in healings, readings, and manifestations.  Sometimes when we manifest for something our fear blocks it, or even


Secrets of a Body Scan

We all see the inner realm of the intuitive body a little differently.  A few things to remember is that when you look into someone’s body will greatly enhance your experience of entering


Reaching the 7th Plane of Existence

How do you really know if you are in a theta brain wave?  The ThetaHealing Meditation is made to take you to a theta wave state.  If you imagine yourself going up above your space, and if said


Key Points for the Intuitive Healing

Powerful Blocks to Intuitive Healings Fear, doubt and disbelief are the most powerful blocks to any intuitive healing.  You can influence the reading by your own beliefs and fears, so if you

Belief Work

Great Tips for Belief Work

With the Dig Deeper Seminar, you spent two full days enhancing the ThetaHealing® Technique utilizing belief work.  Here are some great tips for the Digging Process. Tip #1:   If you are avoiding


Fifth Plane Masters on the Third Plane

We exist on all the seven planes at once, even though we may think that we are physically on the Third Plane of Existence.  Humans, on the Third Plane are children of the Fifth Plane.  Some of us


Downloads: Positive or Negative?

Belief work is incredibly powerful.  Downloads are also powerful when used correctly.  Downloads give us the ability to start creating a new reality.  When we download feelings, we are forming