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Croatia and Germany here we come!

Here at THInK we are finishing the preparations for Vianna’s upcoming trips to Croatia and Germany. Vianna will be going to Croatia for the first time teaching the Basic, Advanced, RHYTHM, and Soul Mate Instructors courses. This will be her 2nd visit to Germany, but the first time teaching the instructors courses there. Every class has it own experience based on the country you take the class in. Croatia and Germany are both amazing countries that Vianna is looking forward to teaching in.

For anyone interested in learning about ThetaHealing and experiencing it Vianna is doing an event in both countries that No Prerequisites are needed to attend. In Croatia Vianna will be doing a ThetaHealing Day where she explains ThetaHealing. In Germany Vianna will be doing the Soul Mate Day where she introduces you to ThetaHealing and talks about Soul Mates.

Croatia classes will have interpreters in Croatian,  and Italian. The Germany classes will be interpreted into German and possibly Japanese. There is still room available in both countries to take the classes. If you are a certified ThetaHealer looking to take your learning to the next level and really start practicing ThetaHealing look into becoming a Teacher. The best way to learn something is to teach it.

Thank you Goran Karna in Croatia for hosting the first Instructors courses there and Wrage Seminars for hosting Vianna in Germany. Both classes are hosted by amazing people who we are glad to have the opportunity to work with.

Register Now to Participate in these Events:

ThetaHealing Day Croatia May 11-2012
ThetaHealing Basic Instructors Croatia May 12-15-2012
ThetaHealing Advanced Instructors Croatia May 17-18-2012
ThetaHealing RHYTHM Instructors Croatia May 19-2012
ThetaHealing Soul Mate Instructors Croatia May 20-2012
ThetaHealing® Soul Mate Day Hamburg, Germany May 24- 2012
ThetaHealing® Basic Instructors Hamburg, Germany May 25-28-2012
ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructors Hamburg, Germany May 30-31-2012

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