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Thank you 2012 Welcome 2013

Monday, December 31st, 2012

2012 has been an amazing year for ThetaHealing®. We want to thank all of you for the Love and Support with this amazing work, keeping it pure, and teaching it in the highest and best.  ThetaHealing is guided by the Creator of All That Is. Witnessing the miracles and being a part of the work is a huge blessing. We wish you all many blessings for 2013. A year filled with Love, Happiness, Health, Abundance and so much more.

From All of us at THInK to all of You

Happy New Years.

Up and Coming in January

A new look for thetahealing.com. Same log in, a few new features, and just a little face lift,

New ThetaHealing® Planes of Existence Course January 7-9-2013

Vianna’s 50th Birthday Masquerade Ball January 12- 2013

ThetaHealing® RHYTHM for Finding your perfect Weight Released


Wishing you a Happy New Beginning

Friday, December 21st, 2012

In 2008 Vianna did an interview in Italy about 2012. Today is supposed to be the end of the World. Vianna believes this is the New Beginning. Hopefully after today all people will be more enlightened and spiritual. We are stepping into the NEW and look forward to the future.

\”Vianna Stibal: sul 2012\”

So from Vianna and all of us at THInK we wish you a Happy New Beginning.
Sending all of you lots of Love!
May the NEW bring you all love, happiness, abundance, and so much more.
Remember to stay Positive and send the universe positive messages about your life. We can create our own reality.

Love and Gratitude



Spencer Opals is at Vianna’s Store Now until December 22-2012

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

THInK Unique (Formerly known as Vianna’s Natures Path) has teamed up with Spencer Opals this Holiday Season. They have an extraordinary selection of opal rings, necklaces, ear rings and so much more. THInK Unique is offering 25% off now thru Christmas and Spencer Opals is to. Come Check them out this Holiday Season. Lets THInK Unique Commercial 2012

This Holiday Season!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

This is the season to be Thankful. Take a few minutes everyday to look at your life and see all the blessings and things you have. There is so much going on in the world today that sometimes people pass by through life and forget to live. Take time to enjoy the moment and the things you have this holiday season. Everyone at THInK would like to bless your season with love, health, happiness, and abundance. Remember we create our own reality. We hope you have the opportunity to share this Holiday Season with your family.


From Vianna

I have just finished teaching the last set of classes in Mexico for 2012. We have many new and amazing ThetaHealing Instructors. Congratulations to all of them that were with us in Mexico and everywhere we went this year.

This holiday season I will have the opportunity to spend time with my family, focus on some up and coming books for 2013, and finish the Planes of Existence class for January. The Creator has been provided me the information for this class and I am looking forward to sharing it.

This Time of Year I want to take a minute to share a few things I am Thankful for:

I am Thankful for my Family.
I am Thankful for my home.
I am Thankful for being able to watch my grandchildren grow.
I am Thankful to Connect to the Creator Every Day.
I am Thankful to be able to witness miracles all the time.
I am Thankful to be able to teach people this technique and to watch them teach and share it with others.
I am Thankful for the air I breathe.
I am Thankful for the love and support I feel everyday from the Creator, Family, and Friends.

Everyday I Talk to the Creator, Thank the Creator, Honor life in all its forms, and know how blessed I am. All is not what it seems; we have to power to Create our Own Reality.

Guy and I have worked the last year putting together a few books for ThetaHealing. On the Wings of Prayer my story and Guys story of how ThetaHealing has come to be is in it.

Love and Gratitude

Vianna Stibal,

Founder of ThetaHealing


ThetaHealing has become known all over the world for its power to heal and help people. Few people know the beautiful love story that led to its creation. Now, for the first time, this tale of devotion and commitment can be read by all in this beautiful book.

On the Wings of Prayer

by Vianna and Guy Stibal


This is more than just a weight-loss book! It is about finding your mind, body, and spirit, while tapping in to your inner beauty and love for yourself.

Now for the first time Vianna has compiled a book that demonstrates how to use ThetaHealing for weight loss and reveal a strong, healthy, and beautiful body which you love!

ThetaHealing RHYTHM for Finding Your Perfect Weight


Our Prayers go out to everyone involved in Super Storm Sandy

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Our thoughts are with those families impacted by the significant and wide spread effects of hurricane Sandy. To the people and families in

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island

Our Prayers are with you and will continue to be as our nation recovers from this tragic incident.

Love and Gratitude



Vianna Added an Extra Animal Instructors class in Sydney October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Vianna is currently in Sydney Australia teaching the Basic Instructors course. Due to many requests Vianna has decided to add on the Animal Instructors class in Sydney Australia. If you are a certified Basic and Advanced Instructor and would like to become an Animal Instructor you can attend the Animal Practitioners course October 12 and then The Animal Instructors course October 13.

If you have already taken the Animal Practitioners course and are a Certified Basic and Advanced Instructor you can attend the Animal Instructors course October 13.

For More Information about this class contact

Mark Anthony
(02)9613 0712
0414 968 216

Translation available in : Japanese ( 日本語 )

The Best Way to Learn is To Teach!

Vianna’s First Time at OMEGA for a Basic & RHYTHM

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Vianna has been invited to OMEGA to teach. She will offer the Basic DNA combine with RHYTHM for a 5 day Retreat at OMEGA. Monday thru Wednesday will be full days and Thursday and Friday are half days to enjoy the amazing atmosphere at OMEGA.

People Continue to talk about the New ThetaHealing® Classes

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

There are only a few weeks of class left here at THInK. The classes have flown by this summer. Watching students that are here from the beginning of summer until now the transformations are amazing.  I see it every summer here at THInK and it is one the greatest things to witness. The changes people experience whether they come for one class or ten classes. Changes happen and we have the opportunity to witness and be a part of them.

We just finished the Game of Life, Plant and Animal Course and students are still excited about the information in the classes.  Teachers have already started offering these classes due to popular demand and it is really exciting to see.

I talked to a few of the students about the classes and this is what they said.

The Game of Life

I highly recommend this course whether you would like to improve the quality of your business or personal life. This course takes you broader and deeper and clears sabotaging beliefs. The Game of Life takes you back to the past and explores your past successes, the important people in your childhood, your experiences and beliefs around peers, and society that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams. You will explore your comfort zone and expand it. I cleared so much and am ready for success. The Game of Life ROCKS!

-Manon de Jongh-

Plant Course

The seven planes hold many mysteries yet to be revealed.  The Plant class gave me a fantastic look at getting to know and appreciate the plant kingdom more than ever.

What a marvelous revelation that the plant kingdom is far more advanced that I had considered and has wise ones that are revered.

When a plant & my energy merged we introduced ourselves and communicated.  The second and third plant experience I welcomed new plants that already knew my name and they were excited to meet me.  I glowed that they were happy to meet me and was grateful for such a delightful experience.

-Robin Coventry -

Animal Course

This class was an amazing insight into the Animal and Human Kingdom. The way our pets heal and care for us so deeply and intuitively was a real eye opener. From this class I will be always working on all pets from anything they may have picked up from their masters.

- Richard Watfa -


Day 3 Intuitive Anatomy Instructors at THInK

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Here at THInK we are on day 3 of the Intuitive Anatomy Teachers class: Endocrine System, Digestive System, and Lungs. The class is going well and everyone is clearing beliefs around these systems. Intuitive Anatomy Instructors course is a very deep learning class for 3 weeks and the students we have here are soaking up all the information and will be amazing instructors.

I talked to one of the students at lunch about the class and this is what she had to see:

“We are very blessed to have this information and share it. The way it is presented is awakening, appropriate. It talks to our souls and feels true and correct. It doesn’t allow us to hide, but work on what we need to in a safe environment.”

-   Annalies  -


2012 ThetaHealing® Masters

Croatia and Germany here we come!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Here at THInK we are finishing the preparations for Vianna’s upcoming trips to Croatia and Germany. Vianna will be going to Croatia for the first time teaching the Basic, Advanced, RHYTHM, and Soul Mate Instructors courses. This will be her 2nd visit to Germany, but the first time teaching the instructors courses there. Every class has it own experience based on the country you take the class in. Croatia and Germany are both amazing countries that Vianna is looking forward to teaching in.

For anyone interested in learning about ThetaHealing and experiencing it Vianna is doing an event in both countries that No Prerequisites are needed to attend. In Croatia Vianna will be doing a ThetaHealing Day where she explains ThetaHealing. In Germany Vianna will be doing the Soul Mate Day where she introduces you to ThetaHealing and talks about Soul Mates.

Croatia classes will have interpreters in Croatian,  and Italian. The Germany classes will be interpreted into German and possibly Japanese. There is still room available in both countries to take the classes. If you are a certified ThetaHealer looking to take your learning to the next level and really start practicing ThetaHealing look into becoming a Teacher. The best way to learn something is to teach it.

Thank you Goran Karna in Croatia for hosting the first Instructors courses there and Wrage Seminars for hosting Vianna in Germany. Both classes are hosted by amazing people who we are glad to have the opportunity to work with.

Register Now to Participate in these Events:

ThetaHealing Day Croatia May 11-2012
ThetaHealing Basic Instructors Croatia May 12-15-2012
ThetaHealing Advanced Instructors Croatia May 17-18-2012
ThetaHealing RHYTHM Instructors Croatia May 19-2012
ThetaHealing Soul Mate Instructors Croatia May 20-2012
ThetaHealing® Soul Mate Day Hamburg, Germany May 24- 2012
ThetaHealing® Basic Instructors Hamburg, Germany May 25-28-2012
ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructors Hamburg, Germany May 30-31-2012