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Limiting Beliefs Article

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. ~Henry Van Dyke

Don’t we know the truth of that statement here in Central Texas? Winter is a time of rest for nature. It opens way to a season that allows for rebirth. In other areas that are colder, people actually experience and see that process. The arrival of spring really makes an impact with the contrast of winter. Although winter allows time for rejuvenation and change, spring is where we see and feel it happen. Spring is the season of change.

The New Year arrives and for most, we reflect on the past year. Then Spring arrives and we reflect on the New Year. Is it as easy to have a metamorphism as nature does? For most the answer is no and the reason why is limiting beliefs.

See, we hear and read that if we change how we feel or think, things will change. For most, it just doesn’t work like that and then we feel like somehow we have failed; it works for others, but not us; or it’s just not that easy. What most people don’t realize is the only way to change your reality is to change your beliefs.

One of my teachers once said if you truly want to see what you want in your life, look at what you have in your life now. I’m going to take that one step further. If you truly want to see what you believe, look at what you have in your life now.

As intelligent human beings, most are dumbfounded by the patterns we have in our lives. We think it should be different. We feel it should be different. It’s just not. Then we continue to support the definition of insanity – repeating the same behavior/pattern and expecting a different outcome. The beauty of receiving this information is it allows us to understand why we do what we do. It also allows us to have mercy on ourselves and not be so hard on ourselves.

The next step is to change our beliefs. When we change our beliefs, things just fall into place with ease and grace. We can stop swimming upstream to create our lives. How does one change their  beliefs? There are many modalities out there that work with beliefs. Some only work on the subconscious level. Consider choosing one that changes beliefs on a cellular and etheric level. By going deeper to change ones beliefs, one will have lasting and permanent change.

I consider myself a student of the Universe. For the past 17 years, I have been learning, and implementing many modalities in my process and life. The modality that has made the biggest impact for me thus far: ThetaHealing.

Why? ThetaHealing is a meditation technique that allows one to change quickly with ease and grace. It is a reminder of what we already know, but have forgotten because of our beliefs. It works with beliefs and changes them at a cellular and etheric level. It changes beliefs not just formed in this life, but our ancestor’s lives, and our past lives, even at a soul level. ThetaHealing is complementary to all alternative healing modalities and practices, even takes them to a deeper level! It allows us to find the knowing within ourselves, instead of looking outside ourselves.

Brenda Bailey is a ThetaHealing MasterHealer and Practitioner. She was one of the first nine people in the world to become a ThetaHealing Master. Her mission is to assist and teach people this life changing technique.

For more information on ThetaHealing: checkout her website: www.unlimitedpossibilities101.com To view future talks and classes checkout her calendar: http://calendar.yahoo.com/unlimitedpossibilities101